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Write it Down

I am not sure where this post is going because I am typing my random thoughts but I believe as I sit here I am trying to complete two goals that I wrote down around 11 AM today.

Yes, I am sitting right now in the middle of the Apple store. People watching! Yep. One of my favorite past times. I zero in on all the random people chaotically trying to purchase, fix and understand Apple products. The noise is intense and I have a few minutes before I sit at the Genius Bar and solve issues with 3 MAC products to complete two of my five goals.

Honest. I can get highly distracted based on my life and daydream a lot. This is so noticeable that my sis bought me a productivity notebook. This little journal is designed to track my day and make sure I hit my goals.  Love it. I admit my focus can lack or my personal wishes sidetracked by other’s needs so this tool hopefully will help! Earlier today, I wrote down 5 goals to complete and it is 5:30 PM and I am still trying to knock each one out.

1 goal: Type for 30 minutes. So I am typing in the middle of the store waiting for a genius to help me.

2 goal: Fix 3 devices in the store. Working on it

You may not have a “Productivity Journal”, but a $1 journal from the dollar store will do. Begin by writing down 3-5 goals then develop a plan to achieve them during the day. The act of writing them down and checking off each one is very satisfying and keeps you focused on your day’s objectives!

Done: Apple Store and blog post! Really? Three more to go: Sit with my husband, clean my room, walk for 30 minutes.

Oh, I hear my name called. Yeah, the genius bar will fix all the world’s problems!

Links to Productivity Journaling: How to Journaling, Boost Personal Activity

Good luck! I totally think this idea can be applied to dating, too. Write done a plan, develop steps and check it off! Seal it with a date!





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