Time moves quietly, we can get wrapped up in life and dating is pushed to the side. Never a good thing. Yep, ugly stuff will grow and fester. Then, you will find the results of the forgetfulness. It smells like a overnight sippy cup. Awful!!! 
Fungus in a relationship is never good thing. It is usually an issue or concern that you feel very deeply about but avoid and don’t want to touch with a long stick. It is makes you sick to your stomach and can cause dry heaving but you march on because it is easier to avoid than tackle the truth. Yes this strategy works for a while but weird stuff will grow and promise it will be difficult to clean up unless you are proactive and start liking the mold. 

When I find mold either in my frig or around my house, I typically call out science project and my kids come running. What did mom find? 

I usually try to remember what happened to create the abnormal growth then rehash why the mess was created and slowly clean it up. Step by step. It can be very stinky!

If you find issues in your relationship, think of them as mold and follow these steps:

  1. Identify
  2. Investigate
  3. Analyze
  4. Problem solve
  5. Review

Bottom line: Don’t put your relationship on the shelf and leave it to grow fussy unwanted growths instead clean up and start fresh! 


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