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Faith and Fear

Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

He was an extraordinary man who seemed to have no fear. But can you have faith without fear? I don’t think so. I believe it is our fears that drive our faith but it is how we approach our fear that influences our faith. 

Martin Luther King Jr. was a man who used his words, dedication to non-violence, and his faith to change our world. He possessed such faith in his cause, people and himself that even authority didn’t contain him. I am always curious on how much faith he possessed to go against the odds that he faced. I guess he had enough because he founded a movement and a life he loved.

Faith in you is a funny thing. Some have more and others less. I believe faith is born within us and radiates from our inner self, but sometimes can be lost and must be discovered. Faith can also be taught and embraced at certain times when requested. It can bring amazing things to our lives even though it can be uncomfortable and uneasy. Faith is a difficult struggle to hold and embrace in challenging times but it is what keeps us pushing forward in.

Why is faith hard? Because on the opposite side of faith is fear. Yes, fear, anxiety, worry, and terror.   Our fear can overtake our life journey. It creeps in like a cold making us sick and grumpy and discontent by life. You may not buy a home, apply for a job, call the girl or say what needs to be said based on fear. 

The list of worry questions can go on and may dominate your faith in yourself and the power you have to be motivated, determined, and reach for your dreams.

Today as we honor Martin Luther King Jr., focus your thoughts on your faith and fears. Maybe write down 3 things you have faith in and 3 things you fear. Then analyze how they direct your present life or even your past.

Depending on your list, you will see patterns and know where you need to grow, and how you need to modify your life to bring happiness or more content to your living. Since one can’t go without the other, you may find your fears prevent your life from moving forward because you lack the confidence to have faith, but if you reverse your thoughts your faith will overcome your fears. 

Or your list will highlight that your faith has created a beautiful life that you are proud to continue and share with others. Either way, it is good to reflect on your life and where you see yourself this week, 6 months and 5 years.

Our fears and faith create our future and we are no different from Martin Luther King Jr. No, we may not have created a movement documented in history books for all times, but we are living lives and we have the same tools, same body, and same abilities to dream. It really comes down to how we apply ourselves and our talents. Finally, it is up to us to dream our dream, live in our faith and claim our happiness even if it is stepping into the unknown, against all odds and defines only you.


To honor, Martin Luther King Jr. make a commitment to live your dream and overcome your fears. I have a dream…? That was his dream, what is yours?


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