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It is All how You Look at It

I love this photo. This unique photo was left on my computer by my dad. I always admire it when I scan through my Iphoto Library and this morning I finally found a post for it.

After a week of diverse conversations about love, marriages, relationships, dating, futures, and decisions, this morning I revisited this image and dsc_4072found its purpose. Perspective.

Usually, a multitude of questions arise.

  • Is the spiral going up or down?
  • Can you follow the patterns?
  • How was it created?
  • Why was it created?
  • Are there windows in the center peak?
  • Is the golden beam so bright light that it shines through the darkness?

I can create answers. Develop opinions. But I will refrain myself. And give it respect.

Sometimes that’s just enough. No comments are needed, just admire the work.


So this New Year’s Eve I am setting a goal to welcome new perspectives with no comments or criticisms and sit with openness.

Welcome 2017: A Toast to Perspective!

I hope you like the image. Share in Comments: How does  this image speaks to you?




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