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Life is full of norms. We easily the follow them. Holidays and weddings are perfect examples of society’s expectations.


10 points for the back row, 20 for the middle and 30 for the front


This Christmas Eve I saw a norm being broken and a memory created. We started Brostmas. Yes, I was the only woman surrounded by 7 men on Christmas Eve. The whole night changed quickly. The man ruled my house for 4 hours and activities were guy developed. Yes, quickly a Nerf shooting range was developed. I am not sure how it all began but I do remember people being creative and combining their knowledge to make a night full of laughs and pure entertainment for all.

How? Well, we grabbed some Nerf guns supplied by my kids and fired at odd objects selected by my one son. Points were awarded to targets. Yes, we scored each hit. Who wouldn’t! Totally, not the church and fancy attire requirements of past generations but who cares it was our night to celebrate and have fun! I am not sure if it was more exciting that we were Rebels or the activity but it doesn’t really matter we broke the norms and enjoyed being ourselves!




As we get closer to New Year’s Eve, we prepare for new. I heard on the radio that people start to diet, join a gym, and commit to a new hobby. Yep, society wants you to follow the norms. Hey, I get it we must continue to improve ourselves, but I suggest looking for creative angles that make you happy. Nope. The local radio host forgot to include my view, but it is a very important one, too!

This New Year’s Eve aim for your normal! Look for out-of-the-box ideas and “you” focused activities. Kick off your Happy New Year’s with a new norm!

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