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The Daily Walk.

I have a dog. His name is Marshall. And man, he becomes super excited when he sees my sneakers on and leash in hand. He doesn’t care how far or the weather. Every minute, he is waiting to sniff and explore. His


Marshall rescued from Diamonds in the Ruff, KY

tail wags feverishly announcing to everyone that he is out and walking. He struts, barks to passing dogs and wanders around looking for squirrels. Always alert and ready to chase. Oh yes, he gets walked three times a day. If I forget, he reminds me by leaving a mess in the house. Never a good thing, but it is his gentle reminder that I forgot to walk him and I broke our commitment.

Hmmm…what if we viewed dating like a dog needing to go for a walk? Sounds bizarre. Marshall has me trained to walk him three times a day and that’s fine. Every day we go for our walks, but yesterday when I took him for his third required walk at 10:30 PM in the freezing cold I had this new thought about dating.

Over the past few months, I have spoken to many couples about their dating routine and from my interviews I have discovered that there are mixed practices. Everyone has their own commitment and invests differently based on their time, demands and finances. I can’t judge, but as I look at the modern couple I believe we need to review being committed, having fun , enjoying the date and getting out regularly.  Yep, Marshall has taught all of that!

First, we can’t care about anything like weather, exhaustion or time of day. We must Date! This sounds extreme but when couples say they can’t remember their last date. Yikes!! Many times, they list excuses, more excuses, and rattle off reasons justifying their dateless lifestyle. I find those couples have a mess within their relationship and don’t what to admit to it.  It’s like poop hiding behind the couch. Gross. Who is going to pick that up? I usually reply to that couple, “You must commit to each other. Stop the Excuses and GO out even if it’s a cheap, quick date to the coffee shop or a house party for two after the kids go to bed. Dating is essential.”

Second, have fun getting ready. Even if you are in your relaxed lounge clothes, threw on some jeans and a black top. Dating can be at the house or out on the town. Don’t make excuses based on circumstances because there is always a reason to say no instead of yes. You have probably used them all. Before you say another no, think about the alternative response and say, “I would love to.”

Then, enjoy being out. Enjoy every minute. Hold hands, open the door for each other, strut your amazing self, split a meal, and share your love. You make the moment special so shine on. Dates are created by the couple. Your intention to have an amazing date with each other is determined by YOU. Make your date a movie moment. Be the director and create the romantic scene to melt your partner’s heart.

Finally, plan another date. Really, if couples don’t date and don’t connect, messes are made, which we hate to address so instead happily date frequently. The more you go out your fears of dating will fade away and you will freely enjoy experiences. Your dating practice will become routine, exciting and full of love. You will budget for dating, schedule in time and invest in your relationship. Totally, worth it.


Not Crazy, Committed Dog Walker.


You may or may not have a Marshall but we have all seen that crazy dog walker in a snowstorm praying for the dog to go. Typically, we label those people “crazy” but I reply they are “committed” and in a working partnership.

Hey, I am not saying your partner needs a walk, but probably they need a carefree, fun, romantic date!

If you are looking for awesome dogs, check out Diamonds in the Ruff.



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