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Vision Together

Life can be like Yes, No, Maybe, Ask again, but if you and your partner create a focus through goal setting things seeeeem to have a direction and may align with what you want out of life. I can’t promise there will be no curve balls, but your goals will keep you holding to a vision.

There are a variety ways to do this. Make a simple list with 5 points to achieve, sign into an online goal organizers like Map Our Lives or old school vision boards using scissors and magazine clippings. I am not sure what is better, but I like arts and crafts so my vision boards are typically paper, clippings, and ideas. I have created them for work, vacations, and future planning. They can be elaborate collages or just 5 images. I am no Martha Stewart but I try my best to be creative, neat and put myself into the project. Think Pinterest. Technically that web application is a giant vision board for everything from makeup, fashion, decor, and random other stuff.

  1. img_0276


    The List- Simple can be best. Write down 5 goals and post them where you can see them like a frig.






2. Collage- Grab magazines, photos, print out images to design your collage representing who you want to be. You can also design it as a couple and develop united goals for two or your family. Kids can do this, too.

3. Online- Sign up, log in and create your goals through guided questions, photo uploads and monitor your progress online.



4. Gift Ideas- If you master the art of cutting, pasting and designing,  create a gift to give your love one. Cards, framed images, posters, etc.

Quick Steps to Collaging: 10-15 minutes, Materials: Scissors, Tape or Glue, Magazine, paper

  1. Grab a magazine
  2. Develop a Purpose to design around
  3. Look for words, letters and images
  4. Cut out all that inspires
  5. Layout the clippings


    Framed Collage

  6. Select color combinations or fonts that blend (Red Heart, Red Letters)
  7. Start designing
  8. Don’t think too much, just go
  9. Begin to glue or tape your pieces down on paper
  10. Look back and admire your work

Congrats! You have created a vision board or a fun collage to share. Remember to display your work!


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