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Mindful TRX Workout

About a year ago, I started a workout called TRX. I would kill it. Every session, I would beat myself up. I would focus on speed and complete each exercise quickly. Attack was my motivational phrase! I used to repeat: I will be the fastest, strongest and get fit in the hour workout.

But today, I took the same TRX class after long a break and 4 months of yoga, plus heart meditation on Saturdays and my whole TRX workout changed. Instead of murdering myself, I practiced my TRX workout like a yoga session. What? I slowed down, didn’t care about time or who was exercising by me. I focused on my mat and performed each movement as a yoga position with mindfulness, appropriate breathing and monitoring my body’s alignment. For the first time, I completed this class focused on balance. Weird!

At the end of class, my instructor noted my new approach and I explained my recent interest in yoga. He said it is always cool to relate different experiences to other applications. I agreed.

How does this relate to you? People practice behaviors every day, but sometimes you need to apply new skills to an alternative activity to find a better way to perform something. This could be worded better, but you get the idea.

  1. Look at skills you have
  2. Analyze a skill that you wish to work on
  3. Apply alternative skills to a new practice
  4. Watch the change
  5. Commit to the practice
  6. Wait for the results

You may try a variety of ways to find your Namaste. That’s okay. Yoga was last on my list. It may take awhile to incorporate it into your life. Schedules, commitments, family, etc. Who cares! It is a necessary. No lie. This change will take work and dedication but you need it. I value this change as a need, not a want. Promise as time passes, you will feel the difference and people will see the change, too. It is like a weight loss plan but instead of losing weight you are gaining self. You will be AMAZING!!!

For years, I functioned as the pedal to the medal kinda person, but today proved I can slow down, apply my new mindfulness to another element in my life and experience the incredible change. I believe you can, too.

Find your focus, try a new practice and discover a new you.







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