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Best thing you ever made

Blue Apron arrived this week and three meals came prepackaged ready for me to cook. Well, maybe. My cooking abilities have a record. My kids know I burn soup, brownies, cookies and everything that enters the kitchen. Last week, we were in Barnes and Noble and I said, “I smell burnt cookies.” My kid said, “I know what that smells like.” A shopper said, “Your mom probably makes great cookies.” My kid, “You don’t know my mom.”

For parties, I never bring baked goods or a prepared dish because they end up being overcooked or I am too nervous to serve anything that is not store bought. I am the soda and napkin girl. Show me a party list and I will select all paper products.

But tonight after cooking a Blue Apron, my one-star rating increased to at least 4 stars. With every yummy bite, my husband was pleased with my newly discovered skill set. I am not sure if it is the ingredients, recipe, simple directions or my undivided attention for at least an hour (kids were watching a Christmas special), but I cooked a meal that pleased. Now I may be exaggerating but after so many planned meals turning “crispy”, I am always ready for dumping my work into the trash, but not this meal. My salmon and beet medley wowed the crowd of one. I am super grateful to Blue Apron for shipping achievable meals to my door to enjoy during the week.

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I was introduced to Blue Apron a year to two ago by my sis and every so often I treat myself to a week of easy to serve meals. About three weeks ago, I thought about Blue Apron meals for couples or a gift to a partner because they are a quick remedy for the cook of the house. It is so easy to sign up, select your favorite entrees, prepare the meals and serve. Best part: HAPPY EATERS!

About two weeks ago, I ordered a Blue Apron box and split the box among two friends. The meals went to two single guys. Really? Yes, they were my volunteers. I waited a few days for their texts. Then I was flooded with photos and rave reviews. Yep. Blue Apron was approved by two dudes. Their pics shared how much they enjoyed the process and highlighted the fun of cooking with BA.

So if you are out of ideas this holiday gift giving season, quickly sign up and start Blue Apron for someone you love! It can be the for the non-cooker, the elite chef or the stressed out partner who doesn’t want to think about another meal. This gift gives three days a week and depending on your plan multiple weeks. I find the box invites me to explore new foods like beets!

For me, Blue Apron solves my many problems related to cooking! Tonight, I didn’t burn the meal and I had a satisfied husband! Perfect Friday night!


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