I will be home in 10

Oh my. I have 10 minutes to race around and fix the room.

My life is super crazy with demands left and right but when I get that text, “See you soon.” I get all excited…okay…(sometimes). I start running around trying make it look like I haven’t eaten bon bons all day, which I don’t. I believe my crazy clean up goes back to an Oprah episode when someone said a clean bedroom is very healthy for a relationship. I believe it! It is just tough to practice.

So last week, I challenged myself to clean my room in under ten minutes. It seemed impossible!

Since my room looks like my family vomited all their crap everywhere. It is littered with Nerf bullets, baseball cards, cleaning products, air units, makeup, books, and random kid socks.

dsc_7015Ready, set, go. First I hit the floor, picked up the laundry. Then, made the bed. Finally dsc_7018decluttered the dresser and tops of cabinets.

Now I didn’t dust or vacuum. I mainly focused on getting the stuff away from any range of vision.

In my reality, this blitz only comes every once in awhile but when I am able to clean and straighten I will confess it feels calming instead of chaotic. Okay stop dsc_7020dreaming.

Sadly, I didn’t  beat my ten minutes. It was more like twelve but it doesn’t really matter. I changed my room.  I didn’t renovate it but just straightened it. Simple stuff like remove the clothes off the air unit and put the unit away finally. dsc_7025It is winter. Cleaning off any dresser. Appearance matters. Even if you throw it in a box for a little bit, get it gone.

Also pull out Your DSP and put out candles to add some cool lighting. Mood is essential. If you are going to clean, you better finish the room with lights.

I know time is tough to manage but even if you squeeze ten minutes to clean up you will not only feel accomplished but create a place for the two of you to relax.

Oh, don’t open the closet. Yikees!




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