Unexpected Gifts are the Best

I found $20 yesterday as I cleaned out my husband’s cluttered office. Where do you ask? In a broken camera’s zippered case. Weird, right? I mean after digging through markers, highlighters, donut designed page reinforcers I opened up this old camera case, which I knew contained a broken camera to find twenty smackers. It was a beautiful moment as I sat in between a packed Ikea garbage can and a box full of random stuff. I stared at this single dollar with amazement as if I flashed back to Christmas morning when I received my Barbie mansion. Okay… that may be a stretch but it sure felt amazing to hold Andrew Jackson in my hand and imagine how I was going to spend this surprise. Me? Husband? Kids? Christmas? Dog? House? Groceries? Date? Ideas kept popping into my head.

Gifts can be like that. Someone gives you a gift and your mind wanders to possibilities, joyous memories, and excitement. First, you look at the gift then you vision how to enjoy it. This holiday give your partner a gift that means something more. A gift that says I love you so much. Maybe, take time to create a gift that your love will be sit in amazement among the wrapping paper and vision pure happiness.

I love the idea of a date gift. A date gift can be as broad as you wish. Tickets, restaurant gift card, museum passes, a printed sheet of paper stating:on  December 31, we will travel to a city and spend a night together. This holiday, say yes to a memory and no to another boxed gift from the department store.

Yea yea…gifts can be a bugger to buy depending on the person. But if you really think about it, you will find the $20 gift. This idea may create uncomfortable and uneasy feelings. It’s okay. All you have to do is go through with it. Don’t let your fears block your idea. Design it, give it.

Spend your money this year with the intention of thinking about the other and your relationship. Make this holiday magical with the gift that expresses your love.






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