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“I am okay with the bar.”

Yes, I hear you. We love ordering the usual. We settle for sameness. We lean on our comforts and routines. We get up, shower, work, eat, play, bed, date, repeat. Funny, right? We are creatures of habit. We have all heard that before. If you really analyze your date life, you will probably find you click the same button over and over again. Dinner, movie? Dinner, drinks? Repeat. repeat. repeat.

I promote you this week to plan something a little more, want a bigger experience, play


Skrimmish LV Paintball

around with your date and branch out. Possibly, find a new restaurant, play a new activity or shop a new town. Explore your options and pick one. If this is idea seems risky, I would suggest sticking with what you know such as: you love pizza but you always order in so instead drive to a pizza joint or if you love the movies go to a new local theater. Baby steps may work for you and your partner. Slowly try to move away from the norm to something a little more. Or if you date in the fast lane go all out and have fun. Skydiving?

Recently, I have been throwing myself out there to find the best dates in the Lehigh Valley area. Yesterday, I attempted paintball. I am a peace loving, tree hugger who can’t kill spiders, but put me in the field with a weapon filled with paint and my aggression comes out  full force. With a mask on and gun in hand, I became a paintball warrior crawling through the field aiming at the enemy.  Now I have played laser tag but this was totally different. Instead of lasers and backpacks, in this game bullets whizzed by me and guys were really trying to get me to say surrender or die. This may sound like an extreme date but it was AWESOME, THRILLING and a MEMORY KEEPER!

I know adventure dates may be included in your 5 year plan. I get it. But try every once in awhile to put something new in your date routine. Don’t get a case of the Datedays. You don’t have to become the next paintball pro but….allow yourself to be open to new date ideas. Your willingness will allow experiences to sprinkle into your dating life and bring amazing stories to tell. Remember when….. you almost kill me at Bear Creek….oh yes…sorry about that…another story to tell…


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