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Sparkle with Charm

Welcome to my Charm School. If you know me, I can capture anyone’s attention and it’s not the way the web suggests like wearing a short skirt, flipping a ponytail or wearing an extremely tight fitting outfit. My technique is more simplistic, not so obvious and just enough to engage with another. Yes, the other ways can be totally showy and shine the spotlight on you, but if you go with my style you may find a more comfortable approach and deeper connections. From my experiences, I believe anyone can entrance someone using my 5 key charm techniques.

  1. Smile – Share your happiness with others. A smile is contagious, brings joy and makes people feel comfortable with you or the situation. Simple!  I know.
  1. Eye Contact – Your eyes are powerful communicators and can signal your emotions without speaking a word. While with another, use your eyes to share your interest, reflect their conversation and actively receiving information. Seems weird but when eyes wander you know you have lost their attention.
  1. Friendly Greeting – Say hello like you mean it. Look, smile and say hello. When they say hi back and how are you, be ready to respond with intention and a response that continues the conversation.
  1. Confidence – This is probably the hardest on a date, but it can make or break your connection. It relates to how you carry yourself, maintain eye contact, communicate, and gesture. Your confidence may be very centered and you come with a great understanding of who you are which is perfect. Just watch your level of confidence; it can make someone uncomfortable, too. If you are faking it, it’s okay. Try to focus on one thing like sitting straighter or talking with a purpose. Your ability to show someone your inner confidence will pull them in.
  1. Undivided attention- Your attention indicates a TON!!!!!! We live in a very distracted world and people want attention. Why do you think people obsess with ‘likes’? So put your entire interest toward another for a period of time. While on  a date, check in with your connections with the individual by your proximity, attention, conversation, and interaction. Totally, be aware of your lean in factor. I have also discovered most people want to be listened to and valued. Listening is super duper important. People want to be heard and feel part of a relationship so give them time to share their thoughts and be with you at that moment.

When on a first date, my charm skills are very, very, very valuable. Before the date, practice on coworkers, friends or family members and see if your skills can captivate your practice target. During the date, review the skills in your head and see if you can charm your date from the moment you meet to the saying good-bye. If the date stinks, practice anyway. Practice makes perfect. By the way, you don’t have to make them fall in love with you but at least charm them a little.

Some reader will say I hear you but I am the quiet and reserved one who can’t even imagine speaking to another. So start small and attempt one skill like smiling. You have nothing to lose. You may find adding a smile, increasing eye contact and listening is just what you needed to capture a someone’s attention. You may also find yourself being happier and attractive to yourself.

Or you haven’t thought of ANY of my suggestions. Select one!!! Then two. Then all five. Practice, practice, practice! They work like a CHARM.

Others may say: I got this! Awesomeness.

There is a ton of research on how to attract another but I always return to my simple charm techniques as my best bet, because you can’t always be in a short skirt, your hair may be a pixie cut or you are in Home Depot in your paint splattered clothes and you need help from a person in an orange apron. If you question my recommendations, talk to my friends. My essential charm techniques have been proven time and time again to lure people and capture their attention. I will put caution out there because charms can have very influential powers so beware. But when used effectively, you can attract amazing people to you.

This post has taken weeks and many sheets of paper to put down my scattered thoughts. I hope my pointers help you, your love life and beyond. Pick one or two and give them a week and see how they change your life.

By the end of this post, I hope I charmed you enough to try!

Part 2 of Best Flirt in Town


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