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The 2AM Informerial

Yes, infomercials promise that in thirty days everything will be okay if you buy this product and complete the instructions. After the time period, you will be set and with a new life. We have all be suckered into the phrases. Sometimes at 2AM, we are confused, tired and unable to form complete thoughts so we start nodding our heads agreeing with the promises. We order the product at our weakest point but probably our most honest? As the item sits in our homes, we try to commit, follow the directions and prove our strength. There are a few of us that stay with it with ease and grace. Here is a box of cookies for your awesomeness but many of us well we will try, but in the end, it will gain dust bunnies, sit in the corner or end up at the next community yard sale.

I have seen people commit to love, weight loss, drugs, friendships, hobbies, education, debt reduction, a purpose driven life, etc. Some make it and others fall short or just shallow. Things will come in there way like life, time and finances. We question our self-worth, the reason behind the 2AM order and what people will think of choice. Well, I am typing that we are totally worth any crazy thought, 2AM is the best time, to be honest with ourselves. So follow your crazy order and run with your thoughts even if they oppose the norm. Who the double hockey sticks cares!?! Look at any inventor, their ideas were crazy but their concepts are now in your hand giving you updates on the world!

For me, I work daily on committing to speaking up and saying what I want out of life. I usually just crumble and cry because it seems so unachievable sometimes, I want the instant reward, and I don’t feel that I deserve it (yep, I have issues, too). The 30-day guarantee seems like a lifetime and my emotional skills can harbor intense feelings that leave me stuck, panicked and wishing to be sucked up and dropped off in OZ. This seems drastic but I am going to write this because it is fact and I am not alone.

This fall I fought to commit to something that is very dear to my heart. Man, it is hard and exhausting. My choice is positive but I am fighting against society, it involves super, deep feelings, and puts pressures on my family but the results are positive, changing everything for the better and has no true ending. This commitment pushes me to stay focused, committed and true to myself (totally not me). Even though it has me proving my empathic skills, the work has me pushing through cement walls with a jackhammer with every step and challenging my commitment. Currently, my path is uncertain but I know in my heart it will present itself when ready. No, it is not a 30-day promise but the prize is priceless and will have a beautiful ending.

I know this is a dating blog and you are questioning where the heck is this going but I am writing about commitment because it is a behavior we need to practice. A lot. Miranda Lambert sings a song Automatic which reminds us that life now comes so easy with a click of a button items are at our door, food arrives in less than 5 minutes and communication is so instant that there is no time to reflect. We are spoiled children like the Berenstein Bears children with the Gimmie Gimmies. Her song reminds us to slow down, be less demanding and reflect. Yes, we live in an instant gratification world. Apps ding, Facebook likes, and swipe for a date. I see people commit to those things every day without looking up and seeing other things that need tending to like their partner, fitness or their own family. People say: “Look, I leveled up”, “I got likes”, “someone friended? me”. Maybe, we need an App reminding us “you have a family that loves you”, “give a kiss, “go out on a date.” These virtual likes are our 1-minute power ups but life isn’t a 1-minute pat on the back or a 30-day guarantee. It is a life-plan that we need to dig our heels into to make whatever means something to us valued and worth fighting for. Definitely, we need an app for that.

Yes, you may turn to the device as a comfort, but it doesn’t hug, kiss and say I love you back. The automatic reminders are great right now, but life fades away because your commitment is to an object. It is like a drink. A temporary fix. Life isn’t automatic, people are important and Miranda is right! We need to slow down and commitment to each other, personal goals, and ourselves.

With New Years Eve approaching, more than ever we force ourselves to commit to a new life. Better choices, new relationships, and big achievements. I know you will. You will buy a membership to a gym, sign up for a dating site, register for college classes, or say I am going to work on that oil and water relationship with that family member who defriended you. You will curse at the decision but DO IT. Commit!…….follow through……..repeat… it……commit…..follow through…..repeat.

After a few days, you will see that it does not come automatic and the 30-day plan is a struggle and days willn’t always be easy. You may cry, yell, hit things, do crazy actions, talk to people you don’t usually associate with, and hear advice you don’t like. You may even take a break. Then start over and try again and again. Whatever your journey, stay committed to you because the results will be AMAZING and YOU WILL BE HAPPY.

If you have to write it around the house, post it on Facebook every day, find a buddy to call when you question your steps, DO IT! Your commitment must be like gold to explorers, religious freedom for the pilgrims and a raft ride to Syrians across the sea to a new life. All commitments are overwhelming at first, but my sis says break it down, make achievable goals, and knock each goal down with a fist pump!

If you could see me type this post, my hands are trembling and pushing each button with purpose and yes, commitment. I want my physical actions to share my deep feelings toward this topic. I am committing to this post with the hope that you commit to yourself today. Go buy a coffee, say I don’t like that, I am going to do this, not that and I am going to control my life.

I can’t sell you a 30-day plan but I can promote that you can do this in your own way, in your own time and with your own personal skills! You got this. You always have. Now, use your ME powers and conquer your commitment!!!!



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