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Grammarly is for Daters

I just started using this new grammar application and I am loving it! Yesterday, I was browsing YouTube and an ad popped up about Grammarly. At first, I wanted to skip the ad, but instead I screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-3-43-27-pmwatched, listened and experienced a light bulb moment!

About 5 minutes after the ad, I downloaded the application and started playing with its features. First, I tested it on my kid’s work and saw how the program corrected the paper. Then I began applying it to my posts. For about an hour, I copied and pasted my pages and posts into the program. It reviewed each one with ease. Love it! After the program reviewed previous posts, I started typing a new post and Grammarly quickly gave me feedback relating to grammar, phrasing, and spelling.

Why would I include this on my date site?

Well, people analyze everything about everyone from the profile pic, text message to the fill in the blank descriptions, etc., etc., etc. I believe Grammarly can help daters self-check their work quickly before posting, emailing or messaging. This company promotes using the application for resumes, research papers and emails but I can see Grammarly benefiting daters because today’s first impressions are typed on a website.

Now I only downloaded the free version but you can upgrade the program for additional features at a cost. You can do your research.

If you have a moment, download it for free and test out its capabilities. Enjoy!


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