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LV Zoo Winter Light Date-tacular

The Lehigh Valley ZooWinter Light Spectacular amazed me with lights, music and holiday merriment. It’s totally a top winter date.



As you walk up to the ticket booth, lights and holiday music fill your heart with cheer and invite you to walk the zoo at night. I encourage you to be a kid again, feel the romance and be part of the joy! I will admit I have walked this zoo before but not at night and covered with sparkly lights. It was strange at fist but as I walked through the lights the zoo vanished and I was transported to this magical winter wonderland.

After you hand in your tickets, you can visit reindeers, see Santa or just walk around. As


Ornament Decorating

you stroll down the path passed the penguins and to the left, blue lights twinkle above you and welcoming you to take a perfect couple photo. Around these lights, you will find a shed on the left. Don’t pass the shed because inside you will find ornament decorating. Pay the $5 for 2 so you and your partner can create plastic ornaments. It is simple craft where you fill each ball with glitter, bells, foam animals, puffballs and silly things. It may seem corny and a little elementary but the stop encourages conversation, creativity and teamwork. Please don’t pass it while visiting!


Tasty Treats

Then follow more lights and seek out the glowing gazebo and a sweet treat station where hot drinks, popcorn and s’more kits are sold. Whatever the temp, you must offer your partner a drink. It always feels


Ask another to take your photo.

good to walk and sip. A sweet treat may be a bonus, too. I enjoyed roasting marshmallows over the fire. While at this section, look up and watch a classic on the big screen.

As I think about my visit, I can only type a positive review and applaud the zoo crew for creating a magical, memorable date setting. You only have to walk a few steps to feel the love, engage in fun activities and find perfect photo locations. In addition to the twinkle lights, the zoo fills your ears with classic holiday songs promoting you sing a long and be part of Elf’s cheer team. I will admit it is hard to resist feeling joy, hope and love on this date at the zoo.

If you are the date planner, you may need to organize your date based on a wait


Frozen Scene

to park depending on day or time. I was stuck for awhile but I didn’t let the line of red lights deter me. When I finally saw the zoo, I knew the wait was totally worth it. Oh yes, I saw license plates from all over waiting to get in so it had to be a Can’t Miss Holiday Event. Please note that this date may cost about $40 ($28 for two tickets and additional items).

If you are on a 1st date or a new couple, you can split the cost but I am old school so I believe the planner must cover the majority of the costs. This is totally up to you but never decide what to do at the counter. Have a plan before you get there or you will experience the uncomfortable argument of who’s going to pay! I would also highly advise bringing cash to pay for additional activities like the ornaments.

Depending on your date, plan about an hour to walk around. You may spend more time than my recommendation that’s okay just please watch your partner’s interest as you continue to tour the zoo. You never want your partner looking for the exit.

If you are hungry, grab a sub or pizza at Di Fiore’s up the street! Google Map it.

Finally, you can’t leave this lighted zoo without smiling and feel ready to spread holiday cheer. The Light Spectacular raises the date-o-meter to alarming levels. I guarantee that you will fall in love with this winter season, plus your date. So sweet.


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