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These Are 3 of My Favorite Movies.

During the winter season, I am a sucker for romantic, tissue box ready and laugh out movies so I am sharing my favorite holiday movies list with you to create a date around!

  1.  Love Actually. This thoughtful movie captures the diversity of love, adds hints of real life situations and includes a comical old rocker who always makes me

    After 3 days without power, lights came on and we watched a holiday movie.


  2.  It’s a Wonderful Life is an oldie but a goodie with its messages of love conquers all, life spins us in uncontrollable directions and you are important even if you think you are just a speck (love Horton).
  3.  Four Christmases reminds me that we are imperfect, the world is full of crazy families and family is hard to escape.

Yes, I promote dating on the go but somedays it is nice to curl up and watch a movie with popcorn, soda and a big warm blanket for two. If you are skilled dater, plan ahead for a Movie Night and have everything ready to hit play.



     Hit the Lights.

      Turn off your phone.


        Now for the Feature Presentation.



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