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New Dating Arraignment

Dating can be like a teacher’s seating chart. You remain in the same spot all year with no change in position. You know your spot and you stay. Even if you don’t like the seat, you remain in the location because that’s where you were placed. Sometimes you are given options and other times you are stuck unable to move. Some people may speak up and ask for a new seat and others remain quiet and follow instructions. Whatever your


Rope Course

situation, this weekend ask nicely for a new dating arraignment.

When organizing a date, we love familiarity like locations, activities and situations. We follow our norms. Partners date at the typical dating spots because we are human and we like similar experiences because they sooth our anxieties and feel like comfort food. Yum! Now this is fine but dating arraignments can become boring and routine. You and your partner may find that you don’t speak up, ask for a change or add suggestions. Biggest Problem: Never following through. Together, you must be the teacher and assign new seats.

This Friday, try to imagine your date like an seat chart and ask yourself to switch up the arraignment. Maybe, a new restaurant, a new menu item, new chill spot, new activity, new friends, new, new, new. Instead of filing into a date, be open minded,  find a new experience and pick a new seat fit for you and your partner.


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