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5 Holiday Remedies

Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season is in full swing. Well, based on the malls that was in October but who noticed. Whenever you prefer to start the festivities, this winter holiday commit to your relationship. Around this time, things can get stressful so be your partner’s remedy by applying my 5 simple suggestions.

  1. Tune in– Put your ears on and truly listen to what your partner is saying. You may not agree with what is being said but that’s not the point. You just need to listen. When listening, ask questions, show empathy, and think about what they are expressing. Most important: Focus in on what they are saying. Also, make sure you are off the phone!!! If you really listen closely, you may discover the perfect gift to give, too.
  2. “I Got This.”– We love to show strength and present the “I got this” façade to the world but in truth we need support and love. If you are curious on how to help, first do step #1, then be present, active and see through the façade to their needs. They need you. Promise.
  3. Give Me a Break– Your partner may need just a Kit Kat, a relaxing walk, pure silence or a night out


    with friends. When you are thinking about giving your partner this gift, you may feel overwhelmed but don’t let your anxiety take #3 out of the game. Start with small actions like putting kids to bed, letting your partner watch a favorite movie, or just allowing space for your partner to read. Then move to bigger, more thoughtful actions. You may question my suggestion but after you have tried #3 you will discover that your partner will be energized and happier with you. This one works miracles.

  4. Make a Date– Holiday dates are not the only dates to put on the calendar. Schedule a date to celebrate the two of you. Maybe even give that special gift on that date, not during the hurricane of wrapping paper. Hey if you can’t get away, throw a House Party. Love Sam Hunt. Perfect! Grab candles, order in and put on some romantic music.
  5. YOU Have Everything You Need- Okay, you may not have nun chuck skills, but I know you have special skills to make this holiday bright. What you say? Start by taking one thing off your partner’s list: picking up groceries, ordering dinner, grabbing stocking stuffers, taking the kids out of the house, bringing in coffee, cleaning a room, scheduling a babysitter, or just running errands. Right now in this present moment, think about how you can assist. This may not be the role you typically play but that’s the past. Today you are the super holiday helper. After practicing #5, you may impress yourself and even your partner! Double bonus.

Yes, the holidays are here and lists are long, days are counted, and your partner may become a mini Grinch at times. I get it. That’s why I am calling on you and maybe your partner to try these 5 tips to make this season shiny, bright and full of love.




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