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Is There Enough Room for Me?

Well, this Sunday once again I had programmed into my Google calendar: Yoga at 11AM.


“You are Late!”

Most of the morning I puttered around somewhat watching my time until 10:37 displayed on my phone which made me jump into Go mode. I changed and grabbed my mat. Then I was flagged to make breakfast. Really! I threw a few eggs and sausages into two separate
pans and told my 12 year old, “You can do this.” As I look at the kitchen clock, I realized time was flying and it was 10:54. Crap. I am going to be late to class. I leaped into my car. Crap again! The sign on the yoga door was turned: In Session. Crap, double crap. Now most would turn around and say whatever but I am one determined chic so I opened the sign in door.

I immediately noticed the number of shoes lined up on the shoe rack. There were more


Oh Crap.

than five. At least ten maybe more. Really? Really! Really? This class is my glass of wine, my spa treatment, and my way to get through the week. Where did everyone come from? The past few weeks this class was empty and we started late. I wasn’t going to let these shoes deter me from my session so I kicked off my sneaks, put my mat under my arm and slowly turned the forbidden doorknob opening the studio room. I scanned the room and saw a space directly in front of the instructor. I think I saw a beam of light. Nope, just my imagination. Although I saw this spot as a victory, most probably said suuuuckeeeer you are in front of the instructor. I didn’t care. As the next sun salutation started, I looked at my feet and I realized I still had my wooly socks on and my long sleeve jacket. I was late and unprepared but I was in class and with my fellow yogis.

Nice Story, Allison. Bravo! Now how is this related to dating? First, everyone’s story has isn’t own unique path to finding Namaste. Mind blowing. Read On. Whether you are single, a new couple, married, everyone is trying to develop deeper connections, playful romance and stronger relationships. This is not always easy so I guarantee challenges, unanswered prayers and complete unpreparedness, but your desire


Find a Studio!

for love will  open forbidden doors, present new opportunities, disregard what people say around you, and push through the obstacles that seem monstrous. Some may stare, others look away, but stand strong and look ahead. As you focus on love, you will see your individual mat space and will know your next move in the sequence. So I implore all daters to show up, practice, find your balance because love is worth every minute.


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