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Black Friday 16,000 Step Challenge

After turkey day, there is Black Friday. We go from feasting to shopping! This Friday set a couple’s goal to walk 16,000 steps. Set your fitness tracker, FitBits, Garmins, or download an app and start moving together.

Ideas to Increase Steps:


  1. Shop large stores or malls
  2. Take the steps instead of elevators
  3. Separate and see if you can find each other again, no texting (Seinfeld style)
  4. Ask your partner to find something in an unfamiliar store
  5. Complete a black-friday-scavenger-hunt
  6. Park far away from the location
  7. Walk the entire floor plan, both floors
  8. Walk a local downtown or outdoor shopping mall
  9. Stand back to back, walk away about 50 steps then try to guess what  your partner is wearing, text your response (50 steps right there)
  10. Compare one item in three different stores

You can do this!  If you love prizes, set a reward for hitting the goal like a coffee, $10 gift card or a hug.  While out, monitor your step count and encourage each other to reach the final goal. You could always have a 1,000 step congratulation high fives, fist pumps and hugs.  Be creative, walk it out and achieve this goal as a couple!

Happy Black Friday!


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