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The Greatest Gift of All…Shutterfly


Stuck Date Photo

Every year, I am so thankful for Shutterfly because this photo company makes photo gifting easy, affordable and fun!

You probably have a ton of dating photos stuck in your photo library. This Christmas release your photos and design a calendar to display your dating year. You can do this together or as a surprise. Even if you don’t use Shutterfly, you can follow along these 12 easy steps.

  1. Where to start?  It is probably the hardest decision of all. I love pen and paper so I start

    Organize Your Thoughts

    by sketching a design layout. Write the months out. Next, break the 12 months into themes, trips, month activities or years. This year I divided the twelve months into years. For example: 2002-2004 equals January, 2005-2006 February, 2007 March, 2008 April, etc. If you are a new couple, try memorable events matching months or order events into 12 months. The best calendars tell a story.

  2. A must: Create an account. Then click on

    Calendar and select a calendar style you prefer. When you get into the calendar edit page, click upload photos.



  3. To add photos, you can use their app or your computer. Depending how you upload your photos, these steps may vary.
  4. If you are using Shutterfly, click on Storyboard at the top of the page so you can begin to organize your photos. In Storyboard, slide your photos into the months. Since I did a month per year, I started to select 2002-2004 for January, 2005-2006 for February


    and so on. If you notice that you are low in certain months, add more photos.


    Photo Page

  5. When you are playing with the format, you may decide to create a different themeor organize your photos with an alternative plan. Now is the time.
  6. When you have your photos organized, edit pages with quotes, pics and frames.
  7. Always remember to review content, alignments, low resolution, repeat photos, spelling errors or imbalanced representation of a person or activities.



  8. Before checking out, save the project and let it be for a few days. Never print it immediately. Walk away from the project and let your mind process.
  9. After a few days, review it again.
  10. Before hitting order, look at the other ideas like ornaments, collages or coffee mugs. It is super easy to create another gift with the photos you already uploaded. Try it!


    Coupons help!

  11. Before purchasing, type in coupon codes then click order. If it is Christmas present, don’t wait too long or the gift won’t come in time! Plan your order based on the site’s recommended dates for arrival.
  12. Finally, hit order and wait for the best present ever to arrive in a bright orange box!

Coffee mug

If you have read this post and still think this is too much work, don’t fret because I promise Shutterfly‘s support team is there to help you make your present perfect for the one you love. Just ask. This gift may take time to design but it is totally worth every minute. I hope this post encourages you to photo gift this holiday season and share your love through Shutterfly!

I am not sponsored by Shutterfly.



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