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Many apologies…flannel pjs.

Since everyone is apologizing for something, I am going to say to sorry to my pajama pants. I am finally separating myself from these goofy snowman pants. Yep. I am not sure what year I received them but tonight I have firmly decided my favorite lounge pants must go.

What brought me to this moment of truth? Well, I was going through my laundry basket and pulled out my yoga pants then my flannels. Yes, these are the flannel pants that I ran around my town looking for Nittany in. I glanced at the clock, it was only 5 PM and I was ready to snuggle in for the night. It was a perfect time for snowman flannels because


Flannel  PJ Pants

dinner was purchased, a sleet storm was coming and I had nothing to do but type this post so I had to decide what to wear.  Snowman or yoga. Snowman or yoga. I am not sure if it was the digital clock reminding me it was too early to put the saggy butt, wide legged, comfy pants on or I found a weird stain on the front of them. Whatever it was, I ran down the stairs and stuffed them in the trash and said, “Goodbye, Snowman Flannel Pants. I will miss you.”

This fashion debate seems a little ridiculous but clothing creates feelings within us. You say, “How can clothing make you “feel” emotions?” Here is my response: Fabric, fit and style can either make you walk with pride or make you feel like eating a whole tube of raw cookie dough without a care. So yes, clothing creates emotions. You may feel nothing so turn in right now you may find by the end of this post your clothes are more than than fabric but an emotional trigger. What? You probably have an outfit that you are like: I look great in this, ugh…I wish my friend didn’t talk me into those pants or maybe I should start walking everyday. Whatever your personal thoughts are about wearing your clothes, I know you are feeling something. Happy or sad.

This night had me thinking about what we wear in the house or out on a date and how clothing can alter our emotional state. I confess flannels, sweatshirts and bagging clothing are so easy jump into after work and they instantly relax your nervous system.  I am the first to change from my office clothes to a non-confiding, unattractive outfit because the change is like body therapy. In two minutes, my body thanks me for freeing it from the binding, scratchy and form-fitting outfit. This amazing relief is the cheapest therapy session ever. The change tells your body you are done working and it is time to chill, watch some TV and slow down. Can’t go wrong with that.

Although, the above description is like eating a delicious Ben and Jerry’s pint, I warn you to stay away from the temptation until at least right before bed. I know…I know it is so easy to go directly into the snowman flannels when it gets dark (like 4:30PM)! Instead, find 5 PM-bedtime outfit. Something a little casual and fresh to roam the house but not a dumpy butt, hol-y shirt or paint splattered work shirt from three jobs ago. First, being in your pajamas at 5 PM is only okay if you are sick and second it will slow you down. Maybe, you don’t care and that’s okay. You live alone, it’s just you and your cat and nobody sees you in your frumpy outfit. I guess that works? But if you want to feel great through the night, try wearing a fashionable, lounge outfit.  No, I am not saying go for something not in your comfort zone, but this minor switch may create a whole new feel. You may have a little more kick to your step and consider tackling the world’s issues. Okay, probably not that far. Who knows?

Even if you are single in your apartment or in a house full of people, your clothing will affect the rest of the night. Now, if you live in Maine or some freezing temperature location, you may need the flannel pants to stay warm. That’s okay. Also, if you are in Florida or somewhere very hot, you may wear T-shirt and relaxed shorts. I completely get locations and temperature may drive your fashion but try to think about the shape, design and the look of the outfit and how it makes you feel.

As humans, we hate change and cling to our comfort clothing but some days you have to separated and move on because truly those clothes need to be pitched like 5 years ago and are productivity killers. This is not a shout out exclusively to my girl readers but to the dudes, too. We must be aware of time of day, the look of the outfit and the emotions presented to us because they will dictate our night. So, I will say good-bye to my flannel pjs and hello to something a little more stylish at 5 PM to work on this post for you.



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