The inconvenient breakup 

Tonight was like a breakup. My car died in the middle of Philly. I knew something was wrong. Lights went on. Car stuttered. Finally, it died at a McD’s parking lot. I have now been stuck waiting for  4 hours. 

I could cry and worry about the costs instead I am waiting with my book and a milkshake. I am almost bored enough to put a McD’s uniform in and help the staff clean up. Maybe at 6 hours, I will apply online.

Now this may seem like a weird post but here is my link to dating. We can’t  get to upset when things don’t go the way things we plan.I totally didn’t think my Thursday would be spent here. No way.But I can’t let myself get to be a crazy person crying and not processing thoughts. I have to remain calm and let time pass. This inconvenince will pass like in relationships. Things come up then pass. I will admit I hate to waiting. I just want to go but it’s just not the time so I must wait. 

I remind myself, “Love is patient.” As I sit at this McD’s completely ready to leave. To be do continued.


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