“Super” Hero at the Supermarket.

Panic! Your partner had a rough day and you are at the grocery store. There is no time to run to the mall. Options are limited but you can make the supermarket your best friend in 5 minutes. Read the list below.

  1. Card
  2. Flowers
  3. Chocolate
  4. Strawberries
  5. Fudge
  6. Wine
  7. Beer
  8. “Soap, lotion” Gift set
  9. Magazine
  10. Silly singing, dancing stuffed animal
  11. “I love you” balloon
  12. Bubble bath
  13. Gift Card (not huge, just enough, buy a card!)
  14. Brownie or cookie mix
  15. Journal to Write In
  16. Fancy soaps
  17. Chapstick
  18. Frozen dessert

Only pick a few items from the list. I would advise not spending over $15. If you go over the top, you can overwhelm the receiver. You can always throw the items in a bag with tissue paper. If not, don’t’ worry. Whatever you bring home, your partner will know you thought of them and you will be their “SUPER” hero for the day.


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