The Best Flirt in Town

Last week was hard to digest. Trump’s win crushed my spirit and many others but I will give him the win as Dave Chappelle recommended and crown him: The Best Flirt in Town. What happened? How did a man with absolutely no political experience melt the hearts of Americans? Looking back, Trump had everything he needed to win and he knew it. Over the years, he mastered the “flirt” with his charm, intention and empathic skills.

The news companies have spent hours diagnosing Trump’s win and questioning Americans thought process. I say stop the madness…he knew how to the play the field and played it well. I don’t agree with his ways but it worked to win the 2016 presidential election. Technically, he romanticized a whole population. I predict books will be out on Trump’s win in no time. No, I will not write one but if I would there must be chapter: Trump’s Secret Weapon: Flirtation.

Well, I won’t be the first to discuss flirting. Gosh, YouTube, love sites and authors have written about this particular behavior. After scanning the web, it is obvious humans have tried to perfect the act of attraction through observations, science and experiences. After awhile, I couldn’t research another site because I know Trump’s ways of flirting with a crowd. They aren’t very mystical and you to can learn them, too. So I will teach you.

My mind, “I can’t believe you are bragging about your hidden flare. How in the world can you teach this to others? Great question, Mind. Let me think about this. Wood’s taught the Bend and Snap in a beauty shop so I can teach everyone through this blog. No, I will not preach people to bite your lip, stick your chest out or touch another’s arm to show interest. I don’t use any of those. My way is completely different!”

After much retrospection, I didn’t need to research this at all. I have done this for such a long time that it comes naturally so for the next 5 weeks I am going to create a unit called: The Essentials of Emotionally Flirting.  Maybe in the process, I will reveal Trump’s winning strategy to you. Why teach this? In the past, I have had friends ask how do I do it, they have seen me in action and they are impressed with my skills. I don’t have The Force (Schwartz) instead I use my own technique to initiate conversations, build relationships and share in a fun moment. After visiting a friend last night, she said you must teach this to others.

I am going to have to split this post up into five segments. 1st Intro (this one), 2nd Charm, 3rd Intention, 4th Empathic Skills, and Final Wrap Up: My explanation of Trump’s win and the power of the flirt.  Enjoy!



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