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Date Fashion Shipped to YOU!

“Allison, you wore your new shirt to the grocery store with the tag still on it!” My husband noted as I returned home. Oops.

Last week, I received a card in the mail about this company so I called my fashionista sis.


The Invite

She said a few of her friends tried it and heard good reviews. She described the company as a Blue Apron but fashion. I had to try it.

That night I logged onto Stitch Fix and designed a profile. My profile consisted of being petite, have a little curve, professional/ shabby chic style, tight budget and shipments every 3 months. I wasn’t sure how honest I needed to be but I tried to help my stylist design my look. My excitement built as I went through the questionnaire. I had beautiful visions of this profile solving my fashion issues.



Confession: I am a lazy shopper. Well, I am a no shopper. People have to drag me out then force me to purchase items for myself. I hate making an outfit and spending money when there are so many other needs but last week I said I must take my own advice and add few new pieces to my closet. What the heck! What did I have to lose! So, I clicked submit to Stitch Fix.

Now back to the shirt story. Earlier that day, a box appeared at my doorstep then sat on my dining room table for an hour. I stared at it as if it held a live puppy. I think I heard a bark. Nope that was my real dog. Okay. I grabbed the box, ran upstairs and secretly ripped the custom tape off the box then slowly unveiled the clothing from the tissue paper. I examined the items one by one. Still, I wanted them to bite me but they just begged to be worn. “Fine,” I told the clothes. “I will try you on.”

The jeans. I questioned: How can a company from I don’t know where find jeans for me to


Perfect Fit Jeans

wear? One leg. Another leg. Over the hips. Button. Mirror. Oh…snap! They did. Well, the jeans sold me. I


3 Shirts, I was wearing the 4th.

had 4 shirts to try on and I felt amazing just in the skinny jeans! I turned and twisted in front of the mirror as if I was a little girl with click clack shoes and twirly dress. I did the walk, the bend and snap and took a few selfies. How did they do it? It doesn’t matter. I had a box of adorable clothes and I didn’t even have to leave the house.


Idea Card

As I searched through the box, I found this idea card instructing me how to combine my new items with other pieces. I looked through the cheat sheet and said I can do this. I can be a fashionista through Stitch Fix.

And no. Stitch Fix does not sponsor me but I am totally sponsoring them every month. To end this beautiful fashion tale, my sis was right, the clothes fit and I am ready for my Friday night date thanks to Stitch Fix.


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