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“I finally got her out of the house.”

“I finally got her out of the house,” said my husband to his friend. He was celebrating my departure from the house on a Saturday night. I will admit I love staying in. I am not one to go out and seek a crowd.  I may blog about dating and going out but I am a stay in kind a person. But this time, he had Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs to lure me out. I did protest. I rattled off that I am in my comfy clothes, I have seen the movie a ton of times and is at 9:30PM…it’s late. He wouldn’t give up. I caved. Yes, I was suffering from the case of the blahs. I needed to leave the house.


Ticket is by the soda!

When I got in the theater, I checked my ticket. I won! I couldn’t believe it. For years, I have visited that theater and never matched my ticket to the dry erase sign listing selected ticket numbers. My first date was at that theater. So like for 20 years, I have attended the theater and never won. I most definitely waited in line and claimed my free popcorn. I placed that ticket on the glass counter as if it was a million dollars. Slowly and with purpose. Tonight was my night. Yes, I was so happy that I left the house.

After grabbing my free popcorn, a soda and a small pack of Twizzlers, I sat down next to my hubby and settled in for a quality movie. Cool. I was enjoying myself. I had snacks, a caffeinated drink and Mel Brooks, Bill Pullman and the Honey I Shrunk the Kid dude on the big screen. Beautiful. Yes, I was so proud that I left the house.

Then, I heard the audience start calling out in the theater. What? This isn’t Rocky Horror, but Spaceballs, right? The crowd knew the movie from long, long, long intro to end credits. Every line and silly noise was vocalized in this local theater. Mel Brooks would have been impressed! Now my $8 movie experience became a live show. At one brief moment, I said in my mind, “This night couldn’t get any better.” It did because I laughed, joined in the chorus and ate my prized popcorn. Yes, I was so thrilled that I left the house.

Looking back, I would have stayed in my PJs, picked a Netflix movie and stayed in the comfort of my home, but no I put on my skinny jeans, did my hair and went out on a date. Thanks to Spaceballs and the Emmaus Movie Theater I left the house that Saturday night and have a memory to share.


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