Advice / Relationship

Case of the Mondays

It is Monday. The weekend is gone and you want to stay connected with your partner but don’t know what to do. Well, you may have to work a little harder than usual and think a little more but I have complete faith in you. Here are 25 easy tips to a fill your week with love!

  1. Send a friendly text stating I appreciate you
  2. Kiss good-bye
  3. Surprise lunch date
  4. Pick up a favorite drink, have it ready when they get home


    I stopped to grabbed a shirt for my hubby. Even away, you can share your love.

  5. Take off and spend the day with together
  6. Treat to their favorite restaurant
  7. Plan a quick 8 minute date
  8. Bring a coffee home
  9. Put their radio station on
  10. Leave a “thinking of you” note somewhere special
  11. Make a love playlist. Share it.
  12. Make their favorite dinner, add a dessert
  13. Listen. Talk. Repeat.
  14. Buy flowers, chocolates or favorite wooly socks
  15. Give your partner quiet time
  16. Remove one item off your partner’s to do list
  17. Compliment their strengths
  18. Send a photo capturing the two of you via email or text
  19. Give a massage
  20. Ask for a dance
  21. Watch a TV show or movie together
  22. Hold their hand
  23. Clean up!!
  24. Embrace them with love. HUG!
  25. Give a “I love you” card (they are not just for b-days)

Yes, it’s the little things to get us all through the week’s demands. This week, try one, two or even five and send your love to your partner through simple, kind acts.  Go on. Pick one. Push away the Mondays with these quick, lovable tips.


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