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A Couple of Selfies

I am going to tackle this topic head on and share my knowledge about the Two Person Selfie. This post was inspired by a friend’s dinner party conservation and everyone said, ” You always took nice pictures.” Fifteen years later that’s what they remember about me.  My photos.


2004 Xmas photo!

Photography has evolved with the invention of the smartphone. Today everyone has a camera in their palm and taking tons of photos, but I still find people wanting to understand how to get the best date shot.


Off Center, Down Angle

The challenge of taking a selfie for two is including both individuals in the frame where there is limited space between your arm and the camera. Also, the new style of photography has some puzzled and wanting to try this new personal expression. During this post, I will try to convert the classic long distance, center photographer to a selfie lover, not hater.


Something about Cameras

I had an iPhone and now a Galaxy. Each phone has benefits and downfalls. With each device, I had to get used to settings, camera functions and library setup. When you start taking photos, explore its capabilities in a variety of settings. Click the volume button: Say Cheese. Go out and practice different angles, timers, lighting and apps.The date is not the time to play with any of this so date your camera for a few hours before you take it out on the town. Also, please charge your device before the date, check your memory card space, and bring a Mophie if you are looking to take tons of photos, plus videos. Or setup a Google Photo account to save photos. Warning: A dead phone can’t capture moments!

“Why me? Why me?”

Make this photo different from the rest of your 1,000+ images. This


Focus on one, angled to capture the activity of the partner

date photo should have a purpose! As you freeze your moment, think about what you want it in the image. While out, grab things at a store, look for posters, glasses with labels, menus, anything to enhance your story. Make sure you set the location setting on the device. This feature is a perfect memory jogger.


“Don’t Put Baby in the Dark.”

Lighting is everything. Please look around to where the sun is positioned, the amount of light around you, and the angle of the light. These factors will effective your photo! Yes, you can adjust the brightness in edit but starting out with a nicely lit shot makes it so must easier to play with. Dark is dark, bright is bright, just right is perfect. Where ever your location, scan for gently shaded spots, avoid too sunny and night shots are always hard. This goes back to knowing your camera’s capabilities and working your skills.

“I am ready for my Close-Up.”

The intimacy of a selfie is right there in your face. Your arm only goes so far, so you have limited distance but there are so many ways to capture an photo by using angles.  The go to: Raise your arm up and shoot downwards, then lift your chin. This angle will take out your double chin and make a creative angle. Set a timer in setting and try a few different shots in sequence. You can always invite a selfie stick to the party. They seem ridiculous, but they are magical!


Center, straight on

Why? Sticks increase the frame space allowing you to capture the whole scene, not just your faces. Best suggestion: Play with your shot. I usually take 3. It is pretty boring if your pics are the same angle. So if you are: Sure! Raise your arm up, to the side, straight out, all around to create a fun shot.

Body shots are harder but not impossible. If you have a stick, set the stick up, program a timer  for 5 secs and smile. You can ask a passing stranger to take one, too but I am not sure if that is a selfie anymore. Selfie sticks can range from $10 to $60 depending on brand and features. If you can find a selfie stick with a tripod with a wireless remote, you will love it. If it is always just the two of you, you must get a friendly selfie stick!



Center, high angle

Facial Recognition


Your face will express the moment.  Your face is your canvas to reflect what you are feeling. Be silly, sad, happy, excited, surprised, sexy, or mysterious. Be you!

Location, Location, Location

When taking a photo, you may want to consider how you would like to include the place you are at. Is it to capture


Off centered, front on, includes location

the whole location, a piece or an item from the location.


Off center, High angle, includes location

This can be challenging with two people because of the framing, but you can do it with distance. if you put the other person in the backdrop, you can capture two people and the location. Fun! WARNING: Look out for poles, trash cans, homeless people, etc. It is always funny to see a tree come right out of someone’s head but not in date photo.


Memory in the Corner of the Photo



Bacon, Yum!     Angled right to left


Tickets, postcards, coffee mugs, signage, menus are always interesting additions to a shot. While taking the photo, make sure the object is in good lightening. I usually set the object sort of off centered in the picture or at an angle, but that is up to you. You can play with a few angles before your choose your favorite.

The Artist

Be creative and play with your artistic side! I have seen selfies using mirrors, shoes, kisses, hands, and reflections in a lake. What makes a selfie unique?  YOU! This is not your normal family shot where everyone standing in a line and smiles but a photo reflecting you and your partner. Here are some fun examples. Recommendation: While out, try taking an idea and replay it in the real world. Don’t go crazy because your date may not appreciate your new photography hobby but you may enjoy trying to recreate the concept together.



Frame is softened, filter antique

End Credits


Don’t let your photo sit in the abyss of your photo library. After the date, take time to edit and make the photo standout. Play with settings like lightening, cropping, frames, and filters! Don’t stop there!  Print it, add it to a frame or at least push the heart and save to Favorites. Check Free Prints, Shutterfly to for discounts and free prints. This date memory should be valued and out on display, not in the dusty corner of your virtual library. This does take time and effort but it’s worth being a proud memory keeper.  The Keeper of You!





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