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Don’t Stay There! 25 Other Places to Stay

You need a break! At the end of the week, you are feeling stressed and exhausted, but don’t need a week away just a night, then plan an overnight date. This is a perfect option for any couple and can be simply done by finding a local hotel five minutes away or taking a drive to a surrounding town (maybe an hour). Of course, you can go over the top with this one, but that’s not required. Simple is better. This longer date will give you and your partner a mental break from your worries and present an opportunity to focus on your relationship.

When I schedule this date, many thoughts go through my head: I can’t do this. I can’t get a sitter. The cost. Where to go? Is it going to be what the partner wanted?  You do it, too. I know. Right now, I am yelling directly at you, “Throw those thoughts in the garbage!” This date is so worth booking. Promise. Even if you arrive and it is not totally what you expected then go with it, you are out and together.

As you plan, think I am designing the trip to relax, impress, find adventure, see a concert, or order in food and not leave the space. Whatever the purpose, you really want to make sure the overnight aligns with your vision and fits your partner. You can search Expedia, Home Away, Hotel Tonight and VBRO for a place. Check out events like concerts, theater or comedy, too. Do your best. Oh yes, don’t get lost in the search and not book anything. Without your work, this date won’t happen, so go through with it. Be the leader in the relationship. You may want to even pack your partner’s bag. Before the date, pick up candles, deck of cards, flowers, chocolates, drinks, snacks and things that state you are thinking about the other. Don’t just book a place, but book a moment.

25 Random Places to Stay20130814_195503

  1. Hotel
  2. Ice house
  3. Yurt
  4. Tent
  5. Tree house
  6. Bed and Breakfast
  7. Tiny house
  8. Lighthouse
  9. Caboose
  10. Train Cabin
  11. Boat house
  12. Cabin
  13. Off the Grid
  14. Farm Stay
  15. Ranch
  16. All Inclusive Resort
  17. Cruise
  18. A friend’s house that is on vacation
  19. Airbus
  20. Motorhome
  21. Teepee
  22. Spa Retreat with Rooms
  23. Historic Home
  24. Casino Hotel
  25. Adult Only Resort

I will confess this list is abnormal at best. Look at it as a great starting point. Now, all I can do is throw this idea at you and hope you reserve it. Whatever you do, don’t stay home!



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