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“Damn it! I forgot my mascara.”

The phone rang. I jumped, changed in 5 minutes while still talking to my job, then ran out the door and drove.

As I sat in my workplace, I blinked my eyes and my inner mind said,”Damn it. I forgot my mascara.” UGGHH. I never leave the house without my mascara. It makes me feel finished, confident, and presentable. I can’t believe it. In my frantic state, I checked my phone, purse, keys, shoes, and keys again, and jacket. Totally forgot the mascara! At that moment, I realized the rest of my day I had to walk around my job without my best friend on my face. Really?  I started to place negative thoughts in my head. No one will respect me; I am not beautiful. You know the thought sequence. Man, words streamed in and my head started to believe that this day was going to be the worst ever just because of a cosmetic product. Oh yes, it was Election Day, too, so everyone is already in a mood.


Favorite High Heels: Sadly, the heel broke at work. I cried and said my goodbyes as I tossed the shoes in the trash.

Perfect. No mascara and political jib jab.

As my day progressed, my inner voices calmed and I was able to avoid major bloopers. By the last hour, I was still in disbelief that my lucky rabbit’s foot was at home and I was surviving.  I will admit I wished my BFF was present to calm my insecurities. As I checked off the last item, a kind woman stated, “I have never seen anyone do what you just did. You work really well with my students.” In mind: “I even did it without my mascara.”

In dating world, we try to impress through looks, but what if we focus on our inner beauty. It is really who you are that will win the heart of your love. Maybe the first, second, third, fourth date, you are thinking about your appearance will capture the heart of another and that’s okay. But eventually, we must leave the house without our mascara, favorite high heels, lucky charms and rely on our personality and talents. Honest. When you remove your mascara, you will love you for you and people will love you, too. sweet.


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