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2016 Campaign: “Flirt with Romance”

Last week, I threw my hat into the 2016 Dating Campaign. As an independent, I am running on a platform focusing on developing meaningful connections between individuals. My initiative appeals to modern daters looking for love. My candidacy is backed by 17+ years of experience helping individuals flirt with romance. I have contemplated for years to run and share my advice, resources and tidbits, but life has directed me away from this focus. Today, I am proud to say I am running among top leaders and ready to support you.

As I spoke with John in Miller’s Diner today and the cafeteria lady on Friday, I listened to their stories of love, loss and desire. I am proud to say that Happily Dated’s mission supports individuals and partnerships searching for something more. I am also excited to bring “dating” into the spotlight. We need to invest in dating. Through this campaign, I hope to educate, energize and engage singles, new lovers and mature partners.

I fully back Bringing Yourself, Committing to Distraction Free Dates, and Experience-based outings. I may not be the perfect candidate. You may disagree with my advice, my blog posts may be flawed with grammatical errors, and you may delete my emails, but I will continue to advocate the importance of dating. I implore you to break down your walls and live for love.  Through this campaign, I am encouraging people to try something new and take their relationships to new levels.

I see a bright future as we embark on this grassroots effort and hope to make the impossible romance feel possible. Please support Happily Dated through following, liking or sharing.




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