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“Help! I have lost my dog, Nittany.”

On Wednesday night, I heard a teenage girl crying and yelling, “Nittany, Nittany, Nittany.” Her voice trembled with worry and her conversation on her cell phone was frantically communicating that her dog ran away from home. It was 10 PM and I was in my snowman fleece pjs ready to hit the sack with the rest of my crew. Instead of rolling into bed, I ran outside and asked, ‘what can I do?’ It was pretty obvious. For hours, I traveled streets and alleys with a flashlight, my son, Marshall (my dog), and Bacos in my pocket trying to lure out this timid, scared dog. Around 11:30 PM, I headed home



exhausted and upset that my team of 3 couldn’t find this pup.  The next day, I woke up to posters plastered on every pole asking locals to call if they spot the dog. The poster shared the cute, lovable face and the family ‘s last name, which I never knew. After homework and dinner, the door rang with two women and a box of biscuits. The family announced that Nittany was found and in the hospital. They thanked our search team and presented Marshall with treats. 

As I interact with “dating”, I am finding people searching for new love and others are trying to connect with the love that they have. Most are just ignoring each other.  I say look at your dating life as if it was a lost pup.

Think about this:  

  1. What would you do to find it?  
  2. How much does a relationship mean to you?
  3. How long would you search?  
  4. How would you share want you need?  
  5. How would you ask for support?  

Your responses will reflect what you desire. From observations and stories, I know sitting in pjs searching for hours on a dating site, staying in the safe texting zone, or erasing a date night because a sitter cancelled goes nowhere, expect to a lonely, boring status update. I am thinking Bridget Jones. You may not be me and run out the door, but I believe everyone craves connection with someone and desires a partnership. Instead of status quo, you may try at your comfortable pace to build a relationship in the real world. I implore you to post to the world you are looking for love because the search is worth it. In the end, a loving relationship is the best treat.


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