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30 PlayDate Ideas

Ever look at kids with jealousy and long for that youthful, carefree playful spirit. Okay, slowly raise your hand. Yes! Well, here are some quick ideas to bring that those feelings back. Go ahead, pull out  your old Legos, bring your fun side and connect with your partner through play.

  1. Tour a Museum
  2.  S mores Anyone
  3. Play Legos
  4. Eat Candy
  5. Ice Cream for Two
  6. Amusent Park
  7. Hide and Seek
  8. Make Believe
  9. Listen to Tunes
  10. Play a Sport
  11. Batting Cages
  12. Arcade
  13. Pool Games (Marco Polo)
  14. Run in the Waves
  15. Watch a Favorite Childhood Movie
  16. Flip through old photos
  17. Playdoh
  18. Games: Uno, Jenga, Twister
  19. Ride a bike
  20. Make a Old School Scrapbook, not digital
  21. Go Dancing (Wii Dance games are always fun!)
  22. Fly a Kite
  23. Hang out with Friends
  24. Jump in Puddles
  25. Paint
  26. Grab a Coloring Book
  27. Water Balloon Fight
  28. Order a Milkshake
  29. Trampoline
  30. Make a Delicious Dessert

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