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Happy Halloween, My Sweet

I am a last minute girl when it comes to holiday events, but I can pull off some amazing WOW gifts.

If you are like me and would like to treat your sweet to a Trick or Treat. Here are some quick fixes.

  1. Select a grocery store pumpkin and carve it
  2. Pick out a Halloween card that says I love you
  3. Decorate a gingerbread Haunted House
  4. Create mixed bag full of your partner’s favorite treats
  5. Tell scary stories to each other; don’t forget the flashlight
  6. Scan Netflix for a scary movie
  7. Pull out old Halloween photos from your childhood and laugh
  8. Memorize a ghost story about your area and share your expertise as you take a walk
  9. Creep around an old cemetery
  10. Have your own Halloween party; costumes, treats, and spooky music

The best part of shopping the day of Halloween is  DISCOUNTS! As I walked stores this weekend, candy, cards and Halloween décor is 50% or more off, so stock up and have a spooky date!


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