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20 Cost-Free Date Ideas

Never let a small budget hold you back from going out. Try these options and have fun on nothing.

  1. Walk the Local Park
  2. Hike to a Scenic View
  3. Start Your Own Book Club
  4. Find a Local Festival or Farmers Market
  5. Search Out Free Days at a Museum
  6. Play a Board Game
  7. Brainstorm a Top 10 Future Dates List
  8. Geocaching
  9. Play “Heads Up”
  10. Make a Playlist
  11. Build a Memory Box
  12. Pokemon Go
  13. Dust Off An Old DVD
  14. Borrow Your Kids’s Wii and Game On!
  15. Browse Local Downtown Shops
  16. Find Live Music
  17. Have a Silly Selfie Session
  18. Write a Short Story about Your Love,  a Date, or Funny Memory
  19. Go Play a Sport
  20. Find a Free Tour

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