Find Crazy Americana Spots

So, you have run out of ideas for what to do with your partner. I suggest steer away from movies, dinner and drinks and find Americana spots.This photo is from a VA trip and it defines Americana. I will admit in the moment we stood in front of that large beetle questioning how did we come across this, what are we doing here and how do we describe this place to others, which makes it true, legit. I think the best part of this photo is it makes me smile and reminds me of a moment that we were silly and having fun. Fun is so key to a relationship. The world is super serious so break free and play with fun.

I can hear you say I can’t find that or where is that near me. Well, you really just have to search for a little. Promise, you have Americana close by. If you don’t know where to find these weird sites, check out The site allows you to select a location and highlight places to see. Go explore the weird and take a date on the odd side.


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