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The Old Purse Syndrome (OPS)

“I think you need a new purse, Allison.” I turned to my mom and said, “This purse was a college graduation gift from a dear friend.” My mom remarked, “That was in 2012.” Yikes! I agreed in that moment while in Stein Mart standing in front of my mom that it was time for a new purse. After examining the purse another time trying to reason in my mind why I should keep the purse, I experienced a daymare of being a guest in What Not to Wear where Carson appears in this very store and throws my ragged old purse in the trash then I cry and become one of those crazy guests trying to dig the item out of the bin.  So as I stood in front of this mirror in the middle of Stein Mart under the eyes of my mom, I honestly admitted the purse looked beat. The handles were fraying, the exterior fabric looked as if it was involved in a Al Capone’s shoot out with fabric pulls and tears splattered in the plaid fabric and the interior well that’s my own fault. Yep, time for an updated handbag.

As you know I am not dating, so I fall into the Old Purse Syndrome (OPS) very easily, but don’t’ we all. The symptoms are simple. The item means something like it was a gift or it is in the comfort zone so you hold on it, but truly the item needs to be in the Goodwill donation bin, but the item is like a best friend and you don’t care what it looks like so you wear or carry it wherever you go. A crazy thought: I held onto that purse for 4 years and I didn’t notice, want to admit and nobody said anything to me, expect finally my mom. Typical case of OPS.

 My advice I am sending out: Watch out for OPS on your date. Even though the item may be your go to, it has to stay at home! Before a date, hit a local store and grab something new to replace something old. If you question an item, ask yourself when did you buy it, is it showing wear and if you still asking yourself what to do with the item, take a pic and send it to a someone maybe ask their advice.

Bottom line: Replace it! Just questioning the item should hold some value. I am not saying appearance makes or breaks a date or you need to buy a whole new outfit, but switching out one thing you may find that you will feel refreshed and feel released from the Old Purse Syndrome.

“Mom, I like your new purse.”


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